About SLR Imaging

At SLR Imaging we do more than just print photography, we also mentor you, with phone and on site consulting. We provide workshops at our lab or your studio for you and your staff. We can help to improve your workflow, backup strategies, color management, Photoshop training and help you market and sell your work to be profitable and successful. If this sounds like more than you're getting from your current color lab, give us a call, together we can both become more successful.

If you need help with hardware recommendations or with installation and setup of your computer technology we can help. SLR Imaging provides professional photographers with a large blanket of services to become more successful. Our 100 percent digital lab works with state of the art equipment and software to make your photography the best possible.

SLR Imaging owner and photographer, Dick Stein, has operated a successful portrait studio in northern Ohio for almost 30 years. As a PPA Master Craftsman, Mr. Stein has been a program speaker at many state and national conventions. He is also a past president of the Professional Photographers of Ohio. He has no secrets, and will share his ideas for success with anyone who asks for his help. In recent years, Mr. Stein has hosted a series of in-studio workshops for photographers interested in improving their digital photographic abilities. For more information about current workshops and dates click here.

About Dick Stein

Mr. Stein has printed tens of thousands of photographs. Starting in the mid 1970's with hand printing and developing black & white photographs then later color portraits at their in-house studio lab. This hands-on approach has always been a part of Mr. Stein’s methods. In the mid 1990’s he starting working with digital photography. Photoshop 3 had just been released and it could take hours to work on just one imaging waiting for the computer to update and save a single image file was painful. However as technology improved amazing image transformations could be accomplished, impossible changes before the arrival of digital image manipulation. The studio's first digital camera was a 2 mega pixel Canon D2000, of which the body alone cost $14,000. While image quality was good, it paled in comparison to today’s 12 – 16 million pixel camera wonders.

Mr. Stein now works with Photoshop 9, and Workstream DS software and many other software products. Studio cameras used include the Nikon D2X, Fuji S2 and Nikon D70. He has been working with digital for the past 8 – 10 years, long before most photographers made the change to digital. He can help you become better, faster and more profitable at what you do, creating and selling photography. Dick is still involved with Stein Photography and this first hand knowledge has helped bridge his connection with photographers and the lab services he provides.

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